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Congratulations on finding this fantastic new piece of software that will turn out cash pumping affiliate websites in just a matter of minutes over and over again. In fact with our software you can build an unlimited number of cash pumping niche sites. What will your next site be about? All you need to do is purchase our software, fill in your affiliate codes and fill in the blanks and your site is ready to start earning you cold hard cash.

Best of all, I hear you asking what skills you need to build a site with Niche Site Builder? Well to be honest with you, none.

That’s right, this is something that absolutely anybody can do, as long as you can switch on your computer, use a keyboard and a mouse, then your qualified to use this software.

Look At These Amazing Features …

Key Feature

Full click bank affiliate integration
Full Ad sense integration
Full amazon product integration
Simple user friendly interface
Full easy to follow Video User Manual
Integrated themes and plugins, so you have no need to install them yourself
Easy to get sites ranked in Google
24/7 support 

How much can i earn?

Well that’s entirely up to you.

I will show you in an example here of how much you can earn, look at the earning from this software.

Each of these little niche sites will earn you an average of $10-$100 per month depending on your selected niche and how much traffic is flowing through your site.

If you could spare 15 minutes per day, within 1 month you would have 30 sites built and if we take a conservative look at what these sites will generate, (just $30 per month) you will have setup yourself an online recurring monthly income of $900. That’s $900 each and every month on complete autopilot.

That’s if you just spend 15 minutes per day using our software.
What if you were to spend an hour per day? Using our example above, that would generate $3600 each and every month on complete autopilot.

Are you starting to see the huge potential of this amazing software now?

Grab My FREE NSM Software That Gives Marketers An Easy Way To Build Niche Affiliate Sites In A Flash So Simple, Yet So Powerful Start Creating Niche Sites In Minutes

This is a fill-in-the-blanks ‘wizard’ where you give it a few details about the niche you want a site built for, drop in some PLR articles on the subject, pick a header graphic and at the press of a button it spits out a ready to upload niche site packed with your affiliate ID’s.

Niche Site Maker works with Amazon, Clickbank, AddThis and Google Adsense and others like eBay Affiliate Programs.

The Program Will Crank Out As Many Mini-Niche Sites as Your Customer Needs.

That’s right! This is totally FREE and you can download it and start creating niche sites in no time flat!

Call me crazy but I’m also throwing in Master Distribution Rights so that you can literally GIVE the software away to build your email lists.

Not only is this FREE but I’ve also created a step-by-step instructional video showing you exactly how to use it!

You Won’t Believe This Is Free … But It Is! 

WAIT! 5 Bonuses? Am I Crazy or What?

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250 HTML Templates WP Themes
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WP Email Timer Plus
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Exit Pop Pro
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